The LoL Meta

The LoL Meta

Ever since League was thought of, there have been picks that are stronger than others. These picks would give a player on a team an advantage, like more damage with less tradeoffs, or stronger utility while being the same. Across all servers, EUW, NA, KR, including the others, metas are relatively the same, requiring just one spark of genius to ignite a new trend.


Camille is a great example of a champion that was meta. While designing champions like Camille was cool, having that many ideas and strengths in one champion was too much. From a targeted lockdown to having a 90% slow on her W to chase along with tons of movespeed and damage on her Q, it was an overloaded champion. At release, she was so overloaded enough that if she wasn’t banned in a game, she’d most likely be picked and stomp the entire game. Considering that she was one of the first overloaded early-game champions, Riot stepped up fast and nerfed her damages, or Ultimatum time, and her slow. Doing this still allowed her to be viable, but not pick/ban oppressive-viable.


Why was she meta? What made her more deserving to be in the meta compared to other champions? She had a lockdown and her hookshot allowed her to easily get into a team’s backline to kill the adc. She had true damage to deal with tanks, along with % health damage on both her W and R. This allowed her to dominate the lane she was meant for, top lane, for a few patches.


But what really ARE the metas, and what do they mean for the game? Are they bad? They can be bad for the game health, but they don’t have to.


With Riot constantly updating items and champions, having brilliant minds from all regions thinking of new ways to play the champions, and having a champion be as annoying as Yasuo is in low elo, metas will always be changing. From Tank metas to Mage metas to Lethality metas, there will be new things to adapt to every few patches. And what are the metas? They’re something in the game that is powerful. That’s all it is. A champion who’s strong, champions that can use an item or an effect that’s strong, champions that can fill a certain niche that only few can fill while still having enough of everything else like mobility, tankiness, damage, and such.


Even a champion that just counters other champions, like how viable Kog’maw and Vayne were in the S5 Tank Meta. Whatever champion gives a team an advantage just by being there is what’s in meta. For the game as a whole, it means that the meta decides what champions are more likely to be seen than others. If the Meta is unfun, then it could be fixed. However, some metas are more enjoyable than others; mostly the ones that aren’t named.


A named meta is evidently when something is horribly wrong. The lethality meta, the tank meta, all those referred to champions who could abuse lethality and tank items, respectively, to win games. That isn’t fun. Having a meta, however, is only comprised of certain champions that are a bit stronger than the others are. Those picks dominate more games than they should and suddenly, they’re part of the meta. At least for that patch.


So when does the meta change, and what should you do to adapt to one to win more? Well, the meta can change every patch. Not to say that it does change every patch, but for one week, Caitlyn could be buffed to where she was pick/ban for that time frame and then nerfed in the next patch to where she returned to a mid-tier champion.


Adapting to the meta, however, would be recognizing how and why Caitlyn was powerful (in this example, say they buffed her Q damage), taking some time to watch how people played her and learn the basics, and then using her in your ranked games while keeping in mind why you’re playing her. Basically, play what is in the meta. People will call you a meta slave, which is just their way of saying that they can’t adapt while you can. Meta slave isn’t a derogatory term, it’s just a way of saying that you don’t stay loyal to once certain champion (looking at you Ahri) and play whatever you need to play in order to have a better chance of winning.


If you’re wanting to become a meta slave, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First off, some champions can be hard to play. You probably can’t play them that well. Take some time and try them in the practice tool and maybe do some normal games before heading into a ranked game and saying “first time azir no flame pls!!” because I’m sure we all have had those teammates. But if a mechanically simple champion like warwick suddenly gets buffed, then just pick him up instantly and start getting yourself some freelo.


Going into ranked on your main League of Legends Account, however, isn’t the best idea. If you’re like me and like to dive straight into ranked with new champions, then you may lose some (a lot) of LP and possibly even demote yourself. However, if you buy a LoL account from this website, you won’t have the problem of concerning yourself with losing LP on your main. Buying a cheap LoL account as your personal LoL smurf both allows you to get away from your friends for a bit and try out what’s meta to see if you click with anything.


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Anyways, about metas, let’s take a look at competitive play meta. Last season (S6) Zyra support was RAMPANT in LCS and any LoL competition. Her range, utility, damage, playmaking potential, and skill cap swept through the LCS making her the one dominant pick and the keystone of the support meta. However, a Zyra counter-pick was tested and found well. Miss Fortune support. Why did it work? Because people realized; with more range than Zyra, there was free poke to be had on Zyra with MF and Zyra had no way of retaliating. Before SKT saw the pick, they had no clue how it worked and thought it was a mispick. After 2 games of it, they respected that it had the potential-which it did-of becoming a top-tier pick. In the final game of Worlds 2016, one of the three bans of SKT, the best team in the world, was spent on Miss Fortune.


Now what about MF made her a pick to be scared of? Her long range, her mobility, and her ult, which stacked so well that with just one item, black cleaver, her ult would be massive in any teamfight because of how much damage it would allow her AD, most commonly Ashe, to do in a fight. After it was clear for a few patches that Miss Fortune would continue to dominate the support role, Riot decided to nerf her E, “Make it Rain” so that it wouldn’t do as much damage. But once a keystone in the meta, MF support still exists, and once in a golden moon we may see the return of it.

Date: 2017-06-14, Author: admin