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June, 25

by A Guy

70-90 Champs very good!

I got 85 champs and 47 skins! Thx, will buy again.

June, 24

by iGotZeD


Had the owner look through the accounts to find one that had Draven, and he gladly did it. Plus the account had other champs that i play :)

June, 23

by Pornstar Zilean

Nice account

Fast and good service, it had the champs that i wanted.

June, 23

by Nicolai Rolander


Fastest account ever, and best support thanks for the account.

June, 23

by DilMin


i have no words its was so fast i payed and thay already send the account to my email . OP OP !!

June, 16

by adam

Bought NA 70-120 Champs

All pefect, it have 9 rune pages, 106 champs, 60 skins!

June, 21

by Nino

Amazing EUW account!

Amazing service by Jenny, thanks alot for the amazing account!

June, 18

by Jess


The service was pretty excelent and jenny helped me in the little trouble i had. Thx guys.

June, 12

by Tony


Fast and insanely good support! :D

June, 10

by bossman

great service

fantastic customer service very friendly and helpful!!

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