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August, 26

by Stormi

Instant and friendly Supporter/ Seller!!

This is definitely one of the best account site in the web. Really friendly support even if something happend to account. Instant Support and just a nice Guy! ty for all

August, 24

by SpaghettiDood

Great site

Got my account immediately, owner was nice, great service overall

August, 22

by Kevin


The fact that you actually get to talk to the owner is amazing he helped me with everything. I got my account straight away very quick and easy process.

August, 19

by fookin spidaman

Its legit.

was kind of paranoid at first but livechat answers quick and gives you all the support you need its legit 100% bought on thursday 3.8.17 legit not even 1 minute until i had the shit in my inbox.

August, 15

by Chaoyu


TY VERY MUCH I LOVE THIS SHOP sorry for caps, you so damn good :D

August, 12

by Kay


Finally not a scam site ty so much, best site ever

August, 05

by Curt

Great support!

instant delivery and no problems at all, had some problems with the account which was easily solved thanks to the support being so fast!

August, 01

by Stefan

Best account buying site

This site is a legit website, that offers 24/7 chat and email support for your needs. It's a site like nothing else, if this is not a good one i don't know what is :D

July, 31

by cameron

best acc seller!

GREAT ACCOUNTS! 100% legit

July, 30

by lolimsohappy

Instant delivery, nice support, got everything quick!

SWEET SWEET SWEET, GOOD GOOD GOOD, Was really nice shopping here!!

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