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October, 13

by Jamaican_Yeti

Really Great Service

Excellent service!

October, 08

by Jamzini


Amazing service, owner is a very chill guy can ask anything to him!

September, 30

by Leauge of Draven

Love it!

well nice website. Instant Delivery After the payment and Love the owner ^^

September, 27

by ForeverScrub

Greatest site ever

i though it was a scam but was i wrong this actully so awesome and ill be coming back for another account sometime soon.

September, 25

by Malik


What i wanted & fast :)

September, 23

by Gabriel


Pretty Phenomenal. No i wasn't paid, this is legit.

September, 20

by rfyytv

Already bought 2 acc

Really nice website, instant delivery and nice chat and good help from chat ! I recommend by far

September, 16

by xsansanx

Instant delivery/Good service

Bought 4 accounts so far. Very satisfied :)

September, 18

by Anonymous

Friendly staff & instant delivery

The website owner responded very quickly and was helpful. I received my account instant. Will recommend this site to my friends.

September, 15

by Nico

Save and fast

This site is the best, bought 2x 20.000 IP

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