PBE Patch 7.16

pbe patch 7.16

League’s newest patch, 7.16, is about to ship in and it’s been amazing so far. With three new steaming hot Battle Boss skins, which are for Malzahar, Brand, and Ziggs. With a new arcade-themed map, an exclusive Lancer Hecarim that can’t be purchased directly from the shop, and a “warded” ping, this is a great time to hop on your LoL account or smurf to take a look for yourself. On top of all this, Arcade Corki and Battle Boss Blitzcrank get chromas! Yay!


Let’s talk balance now, since there are some big ones. Brand’s E, conflaguration, is now a newly-designed ability. It costs less mana, has a higher AP ratio, and has a lower base AP damage. But mostly, the cooldown goes down to just 3 seconds if used on a champion that wasn’t ablaze already. Now, Brand can use his e first to try and hit a Q and use his E again for a charge, making for some nice lv2 trading. And for setting entire teams on fire gets easier with another blaze tick.


Fiora got dumpstered a bit too hard with her nerfs, and gets more percent movespeed for proccing a vital, allowing her to run down enemies in lane more often and letting her proc all four vitals of her ult more.


Maokai also gets a small early-game nerf, changing his damage from 8% at all levels to 6%-8% from lv1-18. Previously, his bush strat of tossing sapling into a bush for a minute and having the enemy walk botlane and take 50% of their health at lv1 was too overpowered


Let’s see what this means. Brand will now be a top-tier support pick, and possibly even become a great mid. He can easily cheese kills now, as people won’t expect it for awhile. He will be destroying teamfights with being able to proc three stacks on multiple people with a point and click. And one relatively easy-to-hit skillshot.


Fiora will be a better mid-late game duelist and have more speed in teamfights to dodge abilities. And maokai is unchanged pretty much. Great change.


That’s all the balance changes, so far. Meddler mentioned he wanted Yasuo to have more windwalls and weaker shields early game, defensive early-game oriented.


Also, URF is everyone’s favorite game. If you buy a PBE account, you can play on the PBE server and play All-Random Urf. It’s inclusive of all the new changes that were in testing. It’s really a great experience for people, and nobody should be denied from playing a great game-mode.

Date: 2017-08-02, Author: admin