League of Legends Ranks Explaination

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League of Legends Ranks Explaination


Boosting raises a question to all of us. That question is; what is the difference between ranks? Why are there people that can’t get to Gold no matter how hard they try while a booster can reach Gold with an 100% winrate? Well, these questions are the fundamental core of League of Legend’s Ranked Ladder. There obviously are distinctions between higher-elo players and lower-elo players, right?


Lets go through some fundamentally different things regarding the two types of players. Remember that a low-elo player may possess some skills that are comparable to a much-higher level players, but they might not be able to show off and hard-carry games like a Challenger because they don’t possess everything they need, having only some of the skills but not enough to raise their rank. Let’s go through some of those things that differentiate between the two dynamics.




Let’s talk about the fundamentals of being a great player. CSing, Decisions, Mentality, and Mechanics. The four pillars of the Rift.


In bronze, players generallly lack all these skills. They hit a measly 4-5cs/min on roles where pro players are expected to hit 10. In the lower half of bronze, there are people who struggle to hit 2cs/min for the first 20 minutes. But as always, there are still people with very, very good CSing stuck in Bronze. They are rare, but occasionally you’ll find someone in bronze that can CS at a good 7-8 CS/min. They could be stuck in Bronze for their decisions mid-late game, a tilt mentality, and mechanical issues. Let’s get to those things, and talk more about CSing.


CS (farm minion)


Why is CS important? Because it gives you gold. Getting 18 or 20 gold isn’t important, put it adds up and you can be a thousand gold ahead just because you’ve been csing while your opponents have. With that you can buy extra items (stats), kill them, use that gold to kill everyone else and win the game through your lead. You don’t have to get tons of kills in order to get a lead, and you don’t have to force them in order to carry. Kills give gold, which is what is needed to carry.


league of legends minions




All enemies up and you go for baron? Bad idea. Just aced the enemy team and recall? Bad idea aswell. There are many, many more decisions that go into the game but these are the most popular ones; the ones that decide a game.


But there are more; choosing to chase someone, choosing to help a teammate or make a roam, even choosing to contest a minion can be choices that add up in the long run. Continuously making the right decisions is what can help you climb, but once someone’s on tilt they tend to make tons of bad decisions and end up costing them the game. Which happens to be our next point/




What’s tilt? Tilt is a mental condition where you can’t think properly due to all the blood flowing from your brain into the dick that tells you that you need to kill the enemy laner because they killed you 10 times already and you need revenge. So can you stop tilt? Both yes and no.


lol tilt


You can’t stop yourself from being tilted; you see something, you’re like WHY??? And then suddenly you’re tilted and you’re flaming teammates and losing the game. You tilted out of control/ But what do I mean by yes, you can control tilt? I don’t mean “expect all your teammates to be bad” type of control, but you can catch yourself on tilt.


You can untilt yourself by just looking away for awhile, grabbing a drink, or something like that and just not think about the game you just played. Do that and you won’t carry the tilt from one game to another. One loss won’t affect the rest of the games you play for that day.




You can have the other 3 skills but not this one and be fine until diamond. But from diamond, there are skillshots you’ll have to land that can determine a game. You can’t fail your flash continuously. Many challenger toplaners, if not all of them, have the best mechanics in the game.They can use auto-cancels properly, they can parry a major CC, and they can control their mouse so well that they will dodge many, many skillshots by just a sliver (near scripting but their dodges will look human).


To practice these things, you’ll do different things. To practice CSing, head into a custom game and try for 100 CS at 10 minutes without runes or masteries. Keep repeating until you can. Then you should be ready for real games and be ready to outperform most people. Decisions and tilt can only be practiced ingame, and mechanics are a hit-or-miss for most people. The best way to get better is to focus on doing everything you can do better than you would do if you’d autopilot. Train Csing with a lol smurf is good. Also, don’t blame your teammates though sometimes it is their fault.

Date: 2017-06-28, Author: admin