League of Legends Patch 7.15

league of legends patch

One of the more special parts of the season, bringing the new Urgot to live. Yes, the one most underplayed champion, being live with an update that may make him a favorite. To start off our patch summary, let’s discuss Urgot, along with a rundown of his kit.


Passive-Urgot has shotgun shells. Using his autoattack towards an enemy with a shell loaded will do an AOE auto, similar to Graves. The shells get used once and then recharge for a certain period of time.


urgot league of legends


Q– Some damage to a small area where it’s aimed at, not much.


W– The best part of the new urgot. You turn into a machine gun and it autoattacks for you (you can’t control it’s auto-attacking, but you can target who it attacks by clicking). If targetting someone on the side of a shotgun shell, it will use the shell for you. This makes for some amazing gameplay. Also gives a shield.


E– Urgot joins the voli-singed club with his E. He dashes forwards and flips whoever he runs into behind him. The point of this is so that Urgot can use the shotgun shells on his backside, though he will make an interesting appearance with the flip bros soon.


R– It does 9999 damage. Think I’m joking? No I’m not. You shoot a chain out, and if the target hit is under 25% max health, you kill them. By doing 9999 damage. If not, it just slows and deals some damage.


He looks to be a toplane champion, as his kit suggests he wants to be close-range. He can also be played jungle, though his ganks are relatively weak due to unreliable CC. Many of our lol smurf accounts will have him, and you can learn to play Urgot in ranked games without losing your rank on your main account.


Apart from Urgot, there have been many changes, mostly small. Akali and Azir get some more damage, Chogath gets less damage, Mundo gets more resistances on his E, Ekko gets a shorter cooldown on his E (phase dive), Ezreal gets lower cooldowns, Elise gets 3 less base attack damage, GP gets some more burn damage (passive), Gragas gets a higher ult cooldown, Irelia gets a stronger ult (lower cooler), Jinx gets a lower W cooldown, Lissandra gets a bit more mana and base AD, Lux gets a better shield mechanic and lower Q cooldown, Nami gets a lower Q cooldown, Nasus gets a huge buff which is that his Q cooldown is lowered by 50% when ulted as well as his E shredding percent health.


Nautilus’s ult cooldown goes down along with his base damage going up, Shyvana and Sivir gain AD on their E and W respectively, Xerath gets a better slow on his W and more damage on his ult, Zac’s abilities cost more health and do less damage, and to cap it off, Ziggs’s satchel charge has a lower cooldown.


nautilus r league of legends


That was a long list, but if you didn’t read it, the only thing that really matters is Nasus getting 50% cooldown on his Q when ulted. The other stuff is just cooldowns getting changed and small damage buffs. It still takes getting used to, so consider hopping on your own smurf or buying a lol account from our website to get a feel for the new patch before it happens.


Regarding items, Duskblade has lower damage and ranged autoattacks no longer slow the target and Knight’s Vow has 50 less health. Neat.
But my favorite part of the patch? The new skins. Omega Squad Fizz, Tristana, Twitch, and Veigar join Teemo.

omega squad tristana lol

Date: 2017-07-27, Author: admin