League of Legends New Rune System

rune system

Hey everyone, Season 7 is ending soon and the entire runes system is getting a revamp! This update will remove ALL your current runes and refund you, as of now, 10 IP per rune. This is not alot, but considering how much IP you’re all getting refunded, it is a lot.


Riot decided that the runes system were to much of a grind and provided too much of a disadvantage to newer players, so now in the upcoming preseason, all runes will be FREE! Many players will complain, but leveling the playing ground makes it so that when you buy a new lol account from us, you won’t have to spend IP on t3 runes! You can buy a few extra champions now instead of those pesky runes.


Now runes won’t focus on giving you passive stats, but instead will offer something more interactive for players to look to. Keystones were a good way for Riot to see what was good and what wasn’t, and now Runes and Keystones will be combined into one system. Every game, you can choose from 6 runes, which are classified as Keystone, Major, and Minor.


league of legends rune test


You get one Keystone Rune, which is the strongest rune. An example is Berserk, which gives you +0.6 Attack Speed 3 seconds after you damage an enemy champion. This can go over the 2.5 Attack Speed cap, and will likely overpower auto-focused champions, namely Kogmaw, and will not be as effective for champions such as Twitch, possibly even nerfing his power. This keystone plays perfectly into the ADC, which is someone who should be dealing lots of damage over time.


After this, you get an amount of Major runes that aren’t confirmed yet. Major runes will not be as noticable but will still affect the game. For example, a Zombie ward is a new rune that allows you to kill a ward and have it become your own, lasting for 3 minutes and being visible (similar to a Farsight ward). Along with this, it doesn’t count towards your ward limit. These runes are not as effective as Keystone runes but still easily noticeable in-game.


Then, Minor runes are small things that will add up. You will likely have 3-4 of these, and they provide small things like scaling CDR (up to 10% at level 10) and any extra CDR you build will give you a small amount of both AP and AD.


Nothings for sure, but this is a good idea of what the new update will bring! Good luck on the Rift, and make you use your lol smurf to get used to the changes before getting on your main account! Buying a smurf from is 100% safe, so don’t hesitate if you don’t have one.

Date: 2017-09-09, Author: admin