League of Legends Aatrox

league of legends aatrox

Aatrox is more of a meme than a champion. The only appearance he really made was in hashinshin’s stream where he didn’t do as well as expectations. Though many changes were made around this champion, including a revival passive rework, scaling changes, and much more, he was never put in a good spot.


In general, this champion cannot be balanced due to a simple design flaw; something that should do tons of damage while being able to soak lots of it is normally either overpowered or underpowered. Riot chose underpowered, and it hasn’t received that many complaints.


Having innate lifesteal makes this champion either a monster to deal with or somewhat of a joke.


It’s already extremely impressive that he is in a playable state at the moment. One champion that was extremely broken at one point due to lifesteal, or a form of it (gaining a shield for damage done) is Mordekaiser, who sits in the trashcan just slightly under Aatrox.
So let’s get to this champion and his abilities.




Aatrox has a blood well. Attacking and doing damage will fill his blood well, and once full will cause him to enter a condition known as “Hellbent”. Hellbent lasts for four seconds and refreshes upon dealing damage.


aatrox passive


Once full, Aatrox gains some base attack damage and attack speed, and most importantly and core to his kit, a revive. This revive has a cooldown and once Hellbent, Aatrox gets revived upon death for 30% of his maximum health and keeps all advantages of being Hellbent except for being able to die and be revived.


The revival is counted as a stasis and Spirit Visage will amplify the amount he is healed for. Chronoshift and Guardian Angels will be used before the built-in revive.




Aatrox’s gapcloser. This allows him to fly into the middle of combat, giving him some form of CC by knocking up enemies hit in the center of his landing aswell as a bit of damage.


lol aatrox q


The ability, apart from the CC and damage, allows Aatrox to fill 20% of his Blood Well and be able to not be kited like most juggernauts.




Like the ability’s name suggests, this is a toggle ability. You can choose to toggle Blood Thirst, which recovers 6.5% of his missing health every third autoattack that helps him sustain along with helping him be a decent champion as well as a champion that fits into his theme (lore) that I’ll talk about later briefly.


Blood Price is the other toggle of the ability, and sacrifices his health every third autoattack in order to do more damage, which adds 75% of your bonus AD to that third auto. In most situations, you will have Blood Price toggled when entering a fight or a duel, and after dropping below 50% health you will swap to Blood Thirst to help optimally sustain better. One thing to note is that Blood Price will not give you bonus lifesteal for its extra damage.


Also, the attack counter is shared. This means using two autoattacks with Blood Price toggled and then switching to Blood Thirst will give you lifesteal.




Honestly a very simple ability. Fire two lines in the shape of a cone with the tip pointing away from you, doing a fair amount of physical damage along with slowing the targets hit and filling his Blood Well by 20%. Also, it is considered a projectile and can be blocked with a Wind Wall (Yasuo).


lol aatrox e




Like the name suggests, this is used when you want to go ham. Upon activation, you suck in the blood of enemies next to you (so you want to use this after a Q into the middle of their team) and filling his Blood Well by 20% per enemy hit and gives you a MASSIVE attack speed steroid, ranging from 40% to 60% bonus attack speed.


You are meant to dive into the middle of the enemy team, try to do as much damage as possible, then die and revive and try to kill more people after your team follows up. His autoattack range is also increased nicely.




Aatrox is supposedly a Darkin (which are a race of weapons), and only five Darkin remain in Runeterra, with the only three we know of being Aatrox, wielder of the Darkin Blade, Kayn who wields Rhaast, and supposedly Varus who wields The Darkin Bow. Aatrox supposedly fought in a battle against the MageLords during the start of recorded, won the battle, and was never seen again.


If this champion sounds cool to you, buy a lol account and check him out! On my lol account, I own him and though he’s very weak, he can be satisfying to play. Either way, new LoL accounts are the way to go with testing new things. Buy one today and give Aatrox, the Darkin Blade a shot!




Aatrox sports three skins, and though he isn’t the most popular champion, he does have more skins than a good amount of champions do.




-Favorite skin (decided by the players) is Mecha Aatrox for now, though so little people play him that it might not even be the best skin, just what the current Aatrox players like.

Date: 2017-07-02, Author: admin