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7.15 brings a new Darkin champion to the rift. His name is Kayn, and he’s a new bruiser-assassin that has a very unique passive. Let’s get into Kayn, the Shadow Reaper.


Passive-Kayn wields a weapon called The Darkin Scythe. Every time he damages a champion, they drop either a melee shard or a ranged shard, returning to Kayn upon out of combat death. Once he accumulates enough of a certain shard, he becomes Rhaast (more damage to melee) or the Shadow Assassin (more damage to melee). Once one option becomes available, the other becomes available after 4 minutes.


With Rhaast, he becomes a bruiser, gaining from 26% to 43% lifesteal off pre-mitigation damage (before resistances apply). This is more for a tankier team as Kayn in Rhaast form can heal for his entire health-bar after using Umbral Trespass on a full-tank champion.


With the Shadow Assassin, he becomes (as the name implies) an assassin. After being out of combat or coming out of Umbral Trespass, he gains a 12%-44% damage amplifier. He can cast his spells, then get in Umbral Trespass to wait for his ability cooldowns and go in again, gaining the damage amplifier a second time.


Now, let’s take a look at his kit, and don’t forget that you can play new champions like Kayn before they release with a PBE account. And you can always play Kayn on a lol smurf you buy from us.


Q: Reaping slash, Kayn dashes forward and swings his scythe, dealing two instances of identical damage. In Shadow Assassin, this ability is unchanged. In Rhaast, he gains % health damage


kayn q lol


W: Blades Reach, Kayn marks an area on the ground and swings his scythe upwards, slowing targets. In Shadow Assassin form, he can move instantly after casting this ability, unlike Rhaast and Normal forms. In Rhaast, this becomes a knockup for 1 second.


kayn w


E: Shadow Step, the best part about Kayn. He gets to turn into a shadow and move through walls with bonus movespeed. In Shadow Assassin, he removes all slows and can’t be slowed during the duration of the cast. Unchanged in Rhaast.



R: Umbral Trespass, a cool new ability. After Kayn damages an enemy, he marks then for awhile. After activating, Kayn goes into the target’s body, becoming untargettable for up to 2.5 seconds. With Shadow Assasin, the ability can be cast from a further range. If you choose to go Rhaast, it does a % health damage and heals a ton.


Kayn is played jungle mainly, and top secondarily. The most common keystones are Fervor and Thunderlords but let me tell you a secret; taking DFT allows your evolution to happen at 9 minutes rather than 15 because it charges your scythe faster with its tick damage.


His build’s core is Warrior and/or Black Cleaver, with either more lethality items or just tank items. He is weak early-game, peaks mid game with insane damage after his evolution, and slightly drops off late-game because of harder assassinations.


Also, note that 90% of people play Kayn in the jungle. Pathing is Raptors to Red to Blue and then you can choose from there. Buy a lol account, get some practice, and get out there and reap some souls with a new champion!

Date: 2017-08-01, Author: admin