Why Buy A LoL Account From Us?



After your purchase, you will instantly receive an automated email with all necessary instructions to your PayPal account email. All of our League of Legends Accounts come with a lifetime warranty.



We provide a lifetime guarantee for all our accounts and a livechat support. We honor this by providing a 100% refund or a replacement account if something happens to your account.



All of our League of Legends Accounts are handleveled and they come with a unverified email. Our site is secured using SSL technology and uses Paypal as payment processing.

How to Buy a LoL Account

Just 3 steps and you will able to play on your newly purchased League of Legends account!

1.Select The LoL Smurf Account

Select your LoL Smurf Account Package and click "Buy Now".

2.Place Your Order

Now enter the email where you want to receive the details of the account you’d like to purchase and click continue. Proceed by clicking "Confirm and pay" and paying using Paypal (Credit/Debit card included).

3.Receive account details

Right after the payments you will receive an email with all the details related to the account. Now change the password, change the account’s email to your own and click verify. Don't forget to leave a review! Now you can have fun in League of Legends on your new smurf.


Yes, we sell the pbe accounts. We are also looking in buying them!

Here at lol-accounts-pro, we take your safety and satisfaction very seriously. Just look at our reviews! All payments we receive for LoL accounts are secured by PayPal, meaning your payment information is completely safe and our website is secured by SSL for your further safety.

If any LoL account you purchased gets banned through any fault or defect of our own, we will provide you one brand new League of Legends Smurf Account to replace the one you bought free of charge.

Yes, the accounts are unverified! That means that after your purchase, you will be able to change the password and email of your LoL account on the official League of Legends website.

We currently accept PayPal, Credit Cards, and Bitcoin (ask in livechat if you want to use BTC) as payment methods when you want to buy your LoL Smurf account.

You will receive your account instantly after you click buy now and the payment is processed! The account will be delivered to the email that you chose.

Yes, you can! Just make sure you have the proper runes you need and 20 champions.

Other account sellers claim to offer a guarantee but when it comes to replacing your account they will often try to get out of doing so by saying you have had the account for too long and their guarantee has expired. We are the ONLY site with a lifetime guarantee that covers any problems your account may have for the entire life of your LoL account!

NO! We are clear about what our warranty covers in our ToS. It covers any faults of our own. If you buy a LoL account from us and get it banned due to your own behavior and/or rule-breaking then we cannot help you.

Yes! PayPal will automatically convert your currency into USD, meaning that you can buy an account from with any currency in the world!

Unfortunately, no. We do not accept PaySafeCard at the moment. If you are looking to buy with PaySafeCard please contact us via Live Chat and we will work out a solution.

No, your main account will not be banned for buying a smurf. There no connection at all between your smurf account and your main account.

Yes, we do. You can pay directly with a Visa / Mastercard / AMEX card using PayPal without having a PayPal account!

If you choose to pay with eCheck with PayPal, it may take several days for the payment clear. After the payment is cleared and completed, our automated systems will send you your League of Legends account to your PayPal email.
If you wish to receive your account instantly please try using another method of payment next time.

All of our standard account packages are unranked this current season and ready for soloQ. If you’re interested in buying an account with a rank on it already, check out our ranked account packages!
Some accounts may have had ranks in previous seasons!

We have a large number of forums where we buy accounts and resell to you. The accounts, before being sold, are in our hands for at least 3 months so we can be sure that they are secure. If anything happen to your account, we will help you by giving a replacement or a refunds.

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